Read about Iowa, Africa, India and a Few Surprises!

Dear Praying Friends:

I am writing you from Marshalltown, IA where we are in the middle of a week long series of revival services.  We have been here many times and are always thankful for how the Lord blesses our meetings.  Sunday was a great start with full services and two praying to be saved in the morning.  I was especially excited to see quite a large crowd of teens in the services as well as many children! Last night was another great crowd and many responding to the revival invitations. I was also able to speak to a lady about her soul.  She is homeless, struggling with many issues, and desperately needs Christ in her life.  Please be praying for her.  It always breaks my heart to see the results of a life of sin! It was raining and cold last night so the church helped her to get a motel room.  Pray that God will work deeply in her heart.

Thanks also for praying for our meeting last week.  God blessed each service in Pleasantville, IA and the people responded incredibly well to the preaching of God’s Word.  This church has a really sharp young pastor and it is obvious that God is using him and blessing him.  He and I were able to make soul-winning calls several days and each day was filled with Divine and unusual appointments. It was obvious that our week was supported by the prayers of God’s people. So thank you.  We mean it when we say that we could not do this work without your help and prayers.

There are several matters I want you to pray with me about.  First, we sold our truck this week.  A man here in Iowa made me an offer and I sensed that God was leading me to take his offer.  He is allowing us to “use” the truck for the next couple of weeks until we can get the RV home to Florida.  He will then fly down and drive it back here to his home.  Please pray with us about a “new” truck.  We are asking God to help us find one with greater power and lower miles.  Second, pray with us regarding our RV. Ours will be 18 years old shortly and is in remarkably decent shape for its age.  It was very well built and that has been proven by how it has held up as we have traveled literally 1000’s of miles with it.  It has been to the west and the east and the north and the south and most every point in between.  We have prayed about replacing it but have decided instead to simply upgrade it.  I have an appointment in early November and will be replacing bearings and brakes and drums and shocks and the wiring to all of that. It is an expensive matter but several have given special gifts and we are within $1000 of being completely covered. God is certainly good to us!  We also need to replace the roof.  That will be a bit more expensive, but spending between $5,000 and $10,000 is certainly less than purchasing a newer one that is not built as well as this one. Would you pray for us about all of this?  Especially that we will be able to find the right person to do the job?   Thank you so much for doing so.  I will keep you posted.

Pray also for Evangelist Micah Self.  He is still in Malawi, Africa but will be returning to the states this weekend. After getting a few days of rest, participating in a Missions Conference in Indiana, and taking care of some responsibilities at home, he will depart for a three week trip to India. He will be speaking in colleges and churches and in evangelistic outreaches.  Please pray that many will experience revival and that many will come to Christ.  Thank you, by the way, for all of you that give to make our overseas work possible.  Every trip is simply another reminder that the fields are so white for harvest! I will be sure to have him send a complete update sometimes next week.

Thanks for reading our reports.  Thanks for praying.  Thanks for giving.  We are looking forward to the coming end-of-the-year down time at home but are serving the Lord with gladness.

We LOVE you all!

Your sincere friend,


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