Tennessee and Virginia with Dave Young

Dear Friends:

This year has certainly not transpired in the way I had planned. My schedule had me at a youth conference and a family revival in Columbia, MO, both of which I had to cancel because of the home-going of my dear father-in-law.  I am thankful that he is with our Savior and that we were able to celebrate his life and ministry with hundreds of friends.  I am also thankful for the kindness and understanding of those in Missouri who had to scramble to adapt their schedule as well.

My schedule picks up again this coming week. I will be preaching at Salem Baptist Church in Ten Mile, TN this Wednesday evening.  Salem has been a friend to me since 1987.  I was just a teenager when I first preached there and I have preached there dozens of times since then.  They helped pay my way through Bible college.  They have supported us.  They have prayed for us. They are dear friends.  From there, I will head to Virginia for two meetings. I will speak first at the Men’s Prayer Advance in Roanoke.  That is always a wonderful meeting and I am honored to preach to so many men. Will you pray fervently that I will have wisdom as I prepare and power as I preach?  When I am finished with that meeting I will head over to the Richmond area to begin a revival meeting at Rural Point Baptist in Mechanicsville.  This is a new church to us and I have recently gotten to know their young pastor. I am excited about our time with this church and hope you will be praying about this as well.

Micah is traveling in India.  God has given him some wonderful open doors for ministry there and I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of him.  I am so glad that God allowed him to join our team five years ago and I knew then that God was going to use him in the harvest fields of the world. Please pray for his safety and for his health while he is there. Pray for God’s power to rest on Micah and for God to use him mightily.  Doors are also opening in Honduras and Africa and some inquiries are coming in from the Philippines and other places.  We are still raising his support and would also appreciate your prayers about that!

Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for giving.  Several have given extra over the past few weeks and I have been overwhelmed by your generosity. December is a slower month financially because we do almost no meetings and then we had to cancel our first meeting of this year.  So to all of you who gave extra in the past few weeks, thanks from all of us. You were a blessing in some incredible ways.

Our 2018 itinerary is available. Want one?  Simply send me an email address and I will send it to you!

Thanks for praying. Thanks for reading.

Your sincere friend,


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