Update from Micah!

Dear Friends, Pastors, and Prayer Partners:

I have recently returned from seven weeks in Asia. God has given me the opportunity to share the gospel in one of the neediest 10/40 countries in the world. I can humbly report that hundreds of teens, and dozens of adults, responded to the gospel. Hindus, Muslims, and nominal “Christians” put their faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins by faith in His blood. The Holy Spirit opened doors to share the gospel with Hindus and Muslims in airports, taxis, and airplanes as well. He is always working in hearts.

Opportunities were given to preach in open air crusades, youth conferences, pastor’s meetings, HIV clinics, orphanages, public schools, private schools, Bible colleges, and college fellowships. During the 49 days of ministry, I flew 10 times, preached well over 100 times, and enjoyed hot tropics and freezing mountains. It was a journey that is profoundly impacting my life and vision.

The needs of this area are so great. On more than one occasion I wept… Seeing children left by their parents, infected with HIV, or used as slaves and prostitutes broke my heart. I have seen suffering in Africa and other needy countries, but the evil perpetrated by mankind against his fellow and the lack of concern by the government and populace literally made me sick and angry. The only hope for this world is that the Holy Spirit would break men’s hearts and show them the light of Christ’s love.

I could tell many stories of salvation and young people surrendering to ministry, I could tell of dedicated native pastors being beaten and persecuted for Christ, but I am so overwhelmed by what I saw I must ask you to pray. If you think America is bad because of shootings, you should see the plight of children throughout the middle east and Asia. Please, right now, just take a few moments and pray for the world to be saved…

God may be calling me to give my life more permanently to this 10/40 part of the world. I will still be doing the work of an evangelist but in an area with more people, and more lost people, than anywhere else. God has been leading me to missionaries, pastors, and evangelists who have invested in me and helped focus the vision God has for my life. I need prayer for the next step in international evangelism.

Since I have been back in the states I visited with the director of Vision 20/20 Asia, Dr. James Starr, who is helping me reach the multitudes and providing contacts in Asia. He has been traveling to India for many years and has built a great foundation of men and ministries to reach into the rest of the 10/40 window. I have traveled with him once before and the DYEA and Vision 20/20 may be working together in the future to reach souls with the gospel. Pray for this partnership.

After that visit in South Carolina, I drove to Florida and spoke Tuesday at West Florida Baptist Academy. At least three teens made professions of faith in Christ and several spoke to me afterwards about how God used the message in their lives. I am humbled by the opportunities and grace God has given me to preach His gospel. Dave will be speaking there in a few weeks and the leadership of the church is already praying that God will use him in the lives of their teens.

Brother Dave has also been very busy. After returning from a couple’s conference in Alabama last weekend he flew to the Wilds to speak for a youth leaders conference. He has been on the road for many weeks and is looking foward to some time with his family today. He and I will be leaving tomorrow for an eight-day meeting in Enterprise, AL.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Several people have sent checks recently that were needed to cover expenses and we want to thank all of the churches and individuals who will have treasure in heaven because of their generous support for the gospel. Pray for physical and spiritual endurance for Dave and me as we have been traveling non-stop for several weeks. My next international trip will be in Honduras with Missionary Lee Rolston during the month of April.

God bless you as you seek to follow Christ. Replies of encouragement and prayer are always meaningful to us.

In His Love,

Micah Self

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