What to do when God begins moving you to a different ministry

I am contacted quite frequently by people who have served in one ministry and are now making plans to transition to a different one.  Reasons vary and each situation is likely rather unique. However, generally speaking, I would suggest several things TO DO and several things NOT TO DO.  I recently addressed the latter HERE.  Today, I will address the first. So what do you do when you sense that God is moving you from one ministry to the next? Here are four suggestions:

  1. Be faithful.  Be faithful to God.  Be faithful to your boss. Be faithful to your followers. Be faithful to your responsibilities.  As long as you are being paid, you have a God-ordained responsibility in these matters.   Keep walking with God.  Keep serving your boss and the job requirements he has placed upon you.  Continue to invest in your followers and, through your faithfulness in this transition, allow God to use you to help them become more Christlike themselves.  Make sure that you meet every responsibility and go overboard and do more than you were asked to do.
  2. Be thankful.  Say it. Write it. Show it. Say it over and over again. Write it to as many as possible.  Show it in every way you can think to show it.  Others will be blessed by it and you will too.
  3. Be loyal. Do nothing that would cause people to question your loyalty. If you have to be disloyal to move to another ministry, then you are doing something wrong.
  4. Be positive.  As God grows you and develops your gifts, it is normal that you will begin to see things through your spiritual gift and spiritual growth. At that point, it is an easy thing to become negative toward the very ones who have helped you to develop your gift and to attain your growth. Beware when things that have always been true about a particular person or ministry suddenly becomes cause for major irritation and criticism. Be positive. Negative feelings are like one of those mirrors that magnify things several times!  They show simple blemishes in pretty vivid detail.  Don’t allow yourself to begin magnifying specific blemishes in a ministry or boss.  Stay positive.
  5. Be productive.  Moses, who spent 40 years in a very negative situation with some very negative people and in a negative location, turned that time into a major investment in a new generation.  This very well may have been the time when he wrote the Pentateuch! In your time of transition, be more productive than you have ever been.

So what to do you think?  Would you add others?  I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,


Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.ne

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