Praises, Plans, & Prayer Requests for a New Year

This year is quickly coming to an end. Another Christmas has come and gone. Another year has as well.  2020 is literally hours away! 

l wanted to write to each of you for three reasons. 

First, I want to say thank you for praying for us, partnering with us, and supporting us.  We have the best friends this side of heaven! 

Second, I want to share with you our plans for the coming year. We are still preaching revivals and conferences. We are still doing all we can to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  If you wish to take a look at this year’s schedule, you can find our itinerary on our website ( as well as on our blogsite (  You can also email me and request one if you would like. We will continue to partner with and train other evangelists. Nicholas Anderson will continue his Evangelism Internship and Micah Self will continue deputation as well as his own ministry of missions work in many parts of the world.  He is currently sent out by our home church as well as by the David Young Evangelistic Association. We are thrilled that both of these evangelists are in our lives and are especially happy for Micah’s worldwide ministry.  It is awesome to see the Lord working in the lives and ministries of these we have helped to train.

Third, I wanted to ask for your prayer regarding several matters.  Bethlie and I are working toward starting a weekly podcast that will emphasize practical Bible truths regarding life, marriage, and family. Please pray with us about this matter.  Micah is raising support for his international ministry and we would appreciate prayer for this matter as well.  We believe that God still saves and God still sends revival and we would appreciate prayer as we will travel thousands of miles to serve him and his church. Finally, and this is a big request for us, it is likely time for us to upgrade our old RV for a newer one.  We have used this one for almost 20 years now and its travel-expectancy is nearing its end.  To buy one comparable to the one we have would cost us well over $100,000, but a ministry friend who is in the RV industry has offered it to us for around $60,000.  I suspect we are going to need to take this step and I just wanted to ask you to pray with us regarding this need.  

It is going to be a great year and I hope we get to see all of you.

How can we pray for you? Comment below or email me at

Your sincere friend,

Dave Young

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