A Day in the Life of an Evangelist

“What do you guys do all day?” is a question that we get asked quite frequently.  It is a good question.  Here are ten things that happened today:

  1. I spent some time reading devotionally and praying.
  2. I emptied the septic tank on the RV.  Today was easier than some weeks in the sense that the church’s access was fairly easy to reach.  I can empty things manually (one five gallon bucket at a time emptied into a regular toilet inside the church), or via a 12 volt macerator system that pumps waste up to 100 feet, or I can use a 35 gallon tank on wheels. Today I used the 35 gallon tank and only had to pull it about 125 feet.  Two trips emptied the system!
  3. I taught my Charity’s third grade classes today.   Bethlie normally does the teaching but she was asked to speak at a lady’s brunch this morning.  While she was gone, I taught math, english, writing, spelling, and reading and supervised a science test!
  4. I exercised.
  5. Our family had lunch as a team at the church. Lunch today was pretty super. We had fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate chess pie with whipped cream.  Eating like this is the main reason I have to do the item listed just above this one!
  6. I met with the pastor for a time of prayer and fellowship and encouragement.
  7. I answered a variety of emails concerning future meetings, financial matters, and general correspondence.
  8. I  made several necessary phone calls.
  9. I helped with several loads of laundry.
  10. I ran an errand to purchase some supplies at a local sporting goods store.
  11. I removed the radiator reservoir on our Ford pickup and replaced it with a new one. The old one was leaking.
  12. I prepared for tonight’s service. This is a family conference/revival and I am finishing the second half of a message about training our children and impacting our grandchildren.

Tonight’s service begins in a little over an hour and a half.  We need to practice the special music for tonight and Micah and I will also meet for a time of prayer.  So, I gotta run.  Pray for us please.  It has been a great week so far!

Thanks for reading,


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