Update from Dave Young

Dear Pastors, Friends, and Prayer Partners:

2017 is well under way.  We have been able to be home a bit more than normal this month. This has been partially by design (my college kids have been home and I am enjoying as much time with them as possible) and it has been partially due to a cancellation from a pastor who is convinced that I am now liberal because I have a goatee and because Micah has blond hair.  I wish I were making that up, but alas, I am very serious! As one of my beard wearing pastor friends stated: “The weight of manliness is hard to bear!”

In spite of some interesting situations, this month has been an incredible blessing.  Bethlie and I were both privileged to speak at the Conference on Revival and Evangelism January 2-4.  The conference was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing so many different messages.  God met with us in every service and, in my opinion, every message was a home-run!  If you are able to attend the conference next year, I highly recommend that.  One of the highlights of the conference was being able to participate in a service that honored Evangelist John Goetsch for 40 years in evangelism. I was so glad to be a part.  I was also honored to speak last weekend at the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Men’s Meeting.  The weather was a bit “iffy” but over 300 men gathered for the day.  It seemed that God specifically and unusually blessed the three services and I was happy to preach.  I was also able to stay for the weekend and preach all day for our good friends at the Southeast Baptist Tabernacle in Indianapolis.  Pastor John Ray is a gentleman and his entire church family always welcomes us with graciousness and generosity.

Please pray for Micah.  He leaves tomorrow for First Baptist Church of Plattsmouth, Nebraska where he will be speaking at a youth rally Saturday and all day Sunday for the church family.  I know he would appreciate your praying for him.

Pray also for Bethlie and me.  We are making plans for next week’s services at First Baptist in Hammond Indiana.  I will be preaching in several of their Christian School chapels as well as chapel and a class at Hyles-Anderson college.  I will also speak in the Wednesday evening service and for their annual couple’s retreat.  We were able to be there last year and God blessed in a very special way.  We are praying that next week will be greatly blessed as well.

Please keep praying for us.  We are looking forward to meetings in the next month in Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, California, and Florida.  Perhaps we will be able to see many of you.

The year is moving along quickly. Have you been able to give the gospel to someone recently? The fields really are white unto harvest and I hope that you are able to point someone to Jesus this week.  He is still mighty to save!

Your sincere friend,

Dave Young

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