Thanksgiving Recollections 2019

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year, primarily because it means that Christmas, my favorite time of the year, is very near. We normally spend Thanksgiving at our home in Florida and finish the week by decorating our home for the Christmas season. This year was different because we spent it in Ohio with my wife’s mom who is battling bone cancer.  It was a very good few days and here are my favorite parts:

  1. The food.  

My wife and her mom are amazing cooks and they certainly outdid themselves again this year.  The apple pie was awesome!  My Bethlie will likely be asked to bake one when we get to heaven. 

  1. Devotions with my family at Mom’s on Thanksgiving evening.  

“Tell us what you are thankful for” was the question that ended our Scripture reading of some verses from select Psalms. Mom said she was thankful for God’s presence (“right here and right now”), God’s power, and God’s peace.  I know that this is a season of uncertainty for her, but her testimony to our wonderful God was a blessing to all of us.

  1. Thanksgiving message by Pastor Mark Falls at Newark Baptist Temple. 

Pastor Falls spoke from Psalm 40:1-4 and it was exactly what we needed to hear. He showed us in verse 1 that the Psalmist waited and looked toward God— and God leaned his way, turned his way, bent “down” to hear his cry, concern, and complaint. In other words, he had a hearing with God.  In verse 2, the Psalmist mentioned his past victory (He has brought me up out of a horrible pit and out of the miry clay); considered his present condition (He has placed my feet upon a rock, on a firm foundation); and he talked about his future (He has established my goings, my way, my final destination regarding his will and my work and His plans for me).  In other words, he had help!  Finally, in verse 3, God has put a new song in my mouth – not “new” as in a higher or better standard or an old verses contemporary song, but “new” in the sense that joy and confidence and trust and peace have returned and now I can praise my God. In other words, the psalmist found “heart” again. After several very busy weeks of non-stop ministry, we thoroughly enjoyed his message.  I have a hearing with God.  I have help with God.  God wants to renew my heart!

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving?  I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Your sincere friend,

Dave Young

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