North Manila Cemetery, Philippines

Manila North Cemetery/BEST Ministry

Several years ago while traveling in the Philippines, Micah Self and I had the privilege of preaching the gospel in the North Manila Cemetery, home to hundreds of homeless families.  Our friend, Tim Avila became burdened for those people and has started a school in the cemetery that is helping to educate the children as a means of helping to get them off the streets and protect them from a life involved in drugs or sex trafficking.  The ministry has had great success and not only are children being impacted, parents are too.  A church is now organized and meeting in the cemetery weekly. Last March, 74 children graduated from the BEST program and have enrolled in the public elementary school just outside the cemetery property.  Next year’s classes begin in the 2nd week of June and they expect 87 students.  Tim must order booklets (4/set) for Math, English, and Tagalog.  Students do their lessons by writing in the booklets, so they aren’t reusable. The total cost will be approximately $2,675 ($34/student).  They have or expect to receive about $1,000 in designations from US sponsors for the booklets.  I asked how they will cover the cost of the remainder and they said they will pay from they personal support.  Tim and three others work the BEST ministry without compensation.  They all have part time jobs for personal needs.  I would like to ask all of my Facebook friends to consider making a small donation to this worthy ministry. Would you help me to meet this need? Give $5 or more or less if you would like to do so. It is a worthy ministry and Micah and I have seen it first hand! You can donate through using the “support us” button.

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