Seven Days to a Better Marriage (Day Seven)

A few days ago I introduced this series of articles. You can read the introduction here.


Congratulations on spending a week investing in one of your most prized possessions: your marriage!  Spend some time today thinking through the truths highlighted in Ephesians.  Wouldn’t you agree that any of us can improve?  Remember that God Himself is for your marriage.  His plan is that your marriage will be a happy and blessed one.  His plan is that it will be so wonderful that it literally is a bit of “heaven on earth.”  Take this final day and think back through the six truths that have been emphasized throughout this week.  Pray over them.  Ask God again to help you to grow.  Go on a date tonight or sometime in the next few days and talk them over with your spouse.  Write down some areas where each of you plan to make some changes or some improvements.  Trust me, you will be glad you did!

So, here goes!  

  1.   Spiritual maturity – being the Christian that you ought to be.  What steps are you going to take to help you to overcome your own weaknesses? To become stronger and Godlier?
  2.   Spirit-filling – allowing the Spirit of God to control you and lead you. Are you willing to turn the control of your life over to the Holy Spirit’s control? Are you willing to rest in Him and to seek His will and to ask for His help?
  3.   Submission  placing yourself in obedience to God’s commands.  Are you as a husband following God’s leading and plan for you in your marriage? Are you as a wife?
  4.   Love – demonstrating Christlikeness towards each other.  Are you aware of areas where you could be more Christlike? Work diligently on your tongue. That is especially important! What could you do today or this week to demonstrate how much you love each other?
  5.   Closeness – developing a genuinely happy relationship. Remember that your words, your worship, and your work matters. Speak graciously and kindly to each other. Worship together.  And work diligently to make your marriage a great one. Are there steps you could take that would draw you closer to one another? Are you willing to take those steps?
  6.   Intimacy – being spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically close.  Are you investing time spiritually and emotionally? Are there areas where you could improve your relationship? Could you work on your “bedroom” to make it an important and beautiful part of your marriage?

May God work in you and in your marriage and may you truly have a marriage that is heaven on earth!  Why not choose one or two areas and go to work on them in your own life? Why not discuss some areas where your spouse would like things to be better and why not make a commitment to do everything in your power (by God’s help) to make it happen? You will be glad you did.

Thanks for spending these seven days working on your marriage!  May your investment produce incredible dividends!

Thanks for reading.

Your sincere friend,

Dave Young

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